Armor Fit was Designed to Provide the Smart Phone Consumer the Best Premium Cases at Rock Solid Prices without Compromise on Quality & Style!

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Armor Fit's Corporate Design Breakdown:

  • We tediously create, develop, design & build the smart phone cases that Fit Your Lifestyle!
  • Our staff diligently researches the best selling smart phone cases and makes them more stylish, unique & comfortable to use!
  • We only use the best quality materials to design every Armor Fit case!
  • We provide our customers only the best; and that means giving them what they want every day!
  • Our Lifetime Warranty Guarantee is Strictly for Our Armor Fit Retail Customers with a No-Risk Free Replacement Policy on Normal Wear & Tear Usage!

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What are Armor Fit's Operational Goals for Success?

Armor Fit is proudly owned and operated solely by PCM, Inc. in Rhode Island, USA. We strive to bring great quality, innovation and unique design into every smart phone case we create for our customers. One of our major goals is to be able to continually provide ample inventory for the high demand of our smart phone cases and other products in the future.

We seek to only produce the best products using the best materials to maintain the proper operational excellence attainable to grow the business on a daily basis. We take pride in using operational excellence on the corporate level by referring to the experts on our staff and in the field. These experts cover many areas of “Operational Excellence,” including that of lean six sigma, value streams and continuous improvement.

What is Operational Excellence?
Defined by Wikipedia:
“Operational Excellence is an element of organizational leadership that stresses the application of a variety of principles, systems, and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics.
Much of this management philosophy is based on earlier continuous improvement methodologies, such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Scientific Management. The focus of Operational Excellence goes beyond the traditional event-based model of improvement toward a long-term change in organizational culture.”

An ideal article that sums up our operational excellence goals is found on the PEX [Process Excellence Network] website and was written by the author of “Design for Operational Excellence: A Breakthrough Strategy for Business Growth” Kevin J. Duggan. Please click on the link to see the “8 Operational Excellence Principles to Grow Your Business” from 2013. click here for article

What is the Lifetime Warranty Guarantee?

We support our customers with a no-risk hassle-free lifetime warranty guarantee with free replacement for the original purchaser of an Armor Fit case. The Lifetime Warranty is based on the normal wear and tear use for the life of the case by the original owner. Since our product line has started with the Clear Frosted iPhone 6 case at this point, then you can find it on by clicking here.

The Clear Frosted iPhone 6 case comes in 6 colors including clear, black and gold. Every case the Armor Fit sells is backed by our Lifetime Warranty Guarantee through Amazon's great support staff. Further inquiries, questions, concerns or comments can be sent to Heather at Heather is our Customer Support Manager and she looks forward to handling any of our customer's needs.

Where Does Armor Fit's Foundational Methods & Inspiration Come From?

Armor Fit’s foundation is based on our goals to develop innovative products through operational excellence. This is rooted in our shield light blue box design and stems from our desire to provide great products that fit your lifestyle with creative packaging. The shield front of the light blue box design comes with a gold stamp authenticity seal on the top cover panel of our box to let you know that it is an authentic Armor Fit product.

The shield light blue box design was created by David A. Grande, the Founder and CEO of Armor Fit. It is to exemplify David's faith and the entrepreneurial spirit of the United States of America. The package and logo design has been trademarked accordingly and was created with style, innovation and quality in mind. The entrepreneurial drive and determination from David has been relayed to his staff for operational excellence to flourish and blossom in the years to come.

And so this is how the Armor Fit name and design came about. David has a deep rooted Christian background and he came up with the idea from the Bible. The “Armor of God” is mentioned in the New Testament in the book of Ephesians, chapter 6, as the only way to utilize God’s power behind you. The “Armor of God” has the “Shield of Faith,” as part of its armory and thus the package design was created from the “shield” and onto the light blue box.

Our staff has also worked diligently to help David form the foundational designs through its creative mindset. We derived inspiration from the logo design, understanding that social networking drives the American economy and the way we communicate. Based on this new “social frontier,” with social media being all the craze throughout the United States and the world. We realized that our customers will have the need to talk about our smart phone cases on all social media channels.

They will want to post on Facebook, send tweets on Twitter and watch videos on YouTube every day. Facebook will have posts about all of our cases and how they can get deals at a steep discount. Instructional demonstration videos will be created for every case we offer in the future. These instructional videos will show how to assemble your case, if needed, and will guide you in the design and style of the best way to install your smart phone in each case.

How Do We Generously Give Back to Our Customers?

Armor Fit will proudly hold quarterly drawings for all our customers who purchase an Armor Fit case at retail from Amazon or our website. The customer needs to enter the quarterly drawing on our website at once they purchase one of our cases at retail.

Any giveaways or other discounted deals are not eligible for the quarterly drawings, only retail purchases.

The customer should send an email to our support savvy Customer Relationship Manager, Heather Ivory,, with all the details of their purchase. The customer will need to send all the information related to their purchase of an Armor Fit case including: transaction id, date of purchase, UPC code [bottom panel], the total amount paid along with a contact name and email address. The first drawing will be held on or about April 15th, 2015 for the purchases made between January and March.

Heather will then compile all the entries from our customers of the previous 3 month's purchases and place them in a box. A blind pick will be done by David Grande, the CEO and Founder of Armor Fit, personally in order to decide the winner.

The winner will then be notified immediately in order to acquire their shipping address to receive the prize for the entry. Guaranteed prizes can range anywhere from a Kindle Fire HD, to any number of electronic devices or products with a minimum value of $50. The winner will be notified using the email address they used to send their product information.

No prizes are guaranteed in any way other than Amazon's A-Z policy. We are not responsible for lost, broken or damaged products from our prize pool. However we will handle any problems through Amazon support in regards to any damaged or broken prize products.

How Do We Plan on Growing in the Future?

Armor Fit is looking to grow our line of smart phone cases worldwide. Once we establish positive sales on Amazon we will continue to grow our line of smart phone cases into other product lines as well. We plan on launching one new smart phone case every month starting in March of 2015. Our initial product launch began on January 10, 2015 with our unique Clear Frosted case made specifically for the iPhone 6.

The release of Armor Fit’s first case, the Clear Frosted iPhone 6 case, became a unique soft-matted smoked-colored case for the iPhone 6. It is the first of its kind in the cell phone market industry. The half-clear and half-frosted case is not found anywhere else in the industry and its unique style and design is being abundantly loved and accepted by audiences all over the world. The Armor Fit named is strictly sold on and you can find the Clear Frosted iPhone 6 case here.

What is Armor Fit's Current Product Release & How Can I Get it?

The current and first case made and released by Armor Fit is the Clear Frosted iPhone 6 case. It comes in six different colors including black, clear, gold, green, red and pink. The pink Clear Frosted iPhone 6 case is the best iPhone 6 case for girls, since they love the delicate, fragile but firm soft feel and frosty pink color. The Clear Frosted iPhone 6 case is a soft TPU case with shock absorbing layer technology to protect your case for the life of your iPhone 6. It allows you to access ports through its laser-cut edging design, to give you access to all the technology the iPhone 6 has to offer. Get your
Armor Fit Clear Frosted iphone 6 case

How Many Products are set for Future Release in 2015 & Beyond?

Our goal is to release one new smart phone case every month starting in April, 2015.The next smart phone case we will be introducing to the public on Amazon and Facebook will be an Ultra Transparent case for the iPhone 5S. After the product launch, which is scheduled for April 1st, 2015, we will be looking to release other smart phone cases for the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, and other popular smart phones.

What are the Long-Term Expansion Goals for Armor Fit in the Years to Come?

Our goal in the coming months is to have a complete line of smart phone cases. These smart phone cases will be for current and future customers who buy phones made by Apple, Samsung, LG and many others. Since customers are the most important aspect of our business, we look forward to giving the best customer support, lifetime warranty & product design on the market every day.

Our long term goals at Armor Fit include a premium line of smart phone cases that offer rugged protection and are waterproof as well. These will be sold using our brand new design of luxury packaging with a black matte gift box and a sliding light blue cover for all our premium cases. We plan on releasing this premium line of smart phone cases by the holiday season of 2016. We look forward to providing years of service to our customers with great products that will include fitness and home products in 2017.

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